Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Price Ceilings & Floors

Analysis & application of S & D, elasticity and price ceilings/floors tomorrow!

Oh, and btw - it seems like I am all caught up on blog grading! Amazing! I'll try to get the grades in by tomorrow so you can see, but some people are a little behind, as well. You will know if I got your post by whether or not there is a message from moi. :)

**Calling Phil: Calling Phil**
For some reason, the link to your blog is refusing to work. I've tried a lot of different things, and nothing is working. Even if I go to a new window and type in your address, it will come up with an error message. Would you check to see if something has changed with your blog address, etc? I haven't been there to grade yet. If it's magically disappeared, please don't panic - we'll work it out.


melody. said...

i figured out where my blog comments went...into the black hole that is Phil's blog. (:

Laura said...

Did anybody else watch this and think the music was super dramatic! haha I had to stop watching and start again because i found it to be so distracting. haha however I liked the way it showed the floors and ceilings, it gave a very good visual