Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Hey guys -

I'm really sorry I haven't set up links to your peers' blogs yet. It's just been crazy. No excuse, just the reason.

It is third on my "to do" list for this week - so by the weekend, I will have it set up, or ...well, I don't know "or"...but it will be done. It may take me a few days to get it all set, but there will be links by Fri.

Some people have been wondering about the blogs, and amazingly, it is all laid out in the giant syllabus you got the first day of class. BUT - you need two comments per week + one analysis in YOUR blog every other week (dates are in the syllabus).

It's an expectation, but you are your own person who can make their own economic decisions. No, you can't post 100 comments this week and be done - I check weekly (or I will...) and they're either there or not. The object for this is because we just don't have enough time for huge discussions of analysis. It truly does help with analysis of information. You're the ones that freak out over grades. Do...or do not. Heh...I'm Yoda now...

After this crazy week is over, this will be updated more frequently. I'll get some stuff on Demand on here tomorrow, too. And in Edline.

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Vicky said...

Thanks, I was just wondering about the links!
Can we do extra analysis blogs or comments for extra credit of some sort? Or would we just get brownie points for being overachievers?