Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Scores! I have scores!

Okay - I was very excited to see that Dr. Z had the scores ready for us before I left from summer school to take my vacation. Overall, I am absolutely DELIGHTED with how you guys did! This was not an easy class for you, I know. An 84% passing rate is awesome. Congratulations - most of you should get college credit for your very hard work!

4 - 5's
9 - 4's
8 - 3's

with 4 people who had 2's and 1's.

I think some of you surprised yourself! After comments you gave me after the test (well, and before the test!) -- those same people did very, very well. I'll use my favorite comment one last time - you knew it better than you thought you did. :)

Have a terrific summer - enjoy your start in college, and have a great time!