Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Have a nice summer!

I hope all of you have a terrific summer - full of...well, whatever you are most hoping for! (Money, sleep, travel...whatever looks good to you!)

You were a fun though challenging class, and I think that all of you did much better on the national exam than you thought you did. I knew even when you were still studying and stressing out that, for the most part, you were the best prepared class as a whole that I've had in a long time. :)

If you think of it and have a second, when you find out your scores, come on back here and let me know - otherwise, I don't find out until late August! It kills me! lol But - if you don't want anyone else to know, I completely understand.

Make sure to relax a little bit before you head out to the next phase of your life - and remember, never eat yellow snow. :) :)