Thursday, January 31, 2008

OC & PPC's

Some things to think about... :) These could be things to answer for your two weekly postings!

1. Suppose a retailer promotes his or her store by advertising a drawing for a "free car". Is this car free because the winner pays zero for it?

2. Attending college is expensive, time-consuming, difficult, and requires effot. Why do people decide to go to college?

3. Give one positive and one normative statement for the same topic.

Unfortunately, most problems for PPC"s involve drawing, difficult on here.

Some links: an animated gif on the PPC. You'll see a lot from this guy.

AmosWEB - on PPC's --

And...I think that's all I have tonight.


Monday, January 28, 2008


I just found out you guys won't be able to access new classes in Edline until next week. Bummer. I was hoping to use it for some info for your test next week.

Ah, well.

How was the quiz on Naked Economics? It showed me a lot of seriously you will take the class, how well you study from a reading, how much you are able to remember from what you read...all kinds o' stuff. :)

Class averages = 72 or so for 4/5th hour, 75 for 7/8th hour.

Tomorrow - scarcity & PPC's. And the big giant packet for Unit One. Yay!