Monday, April 30, 2007

Since it was asked on the blog - just to let you know, I will offer 2 practice exams after school. They will be on Th 5/10 and W 5/16 (that's the day before the test). We will start at 3:15pm.

The Th 5/10 one is a 50 question test. You will have 75 minutes to complete it (that's AP timing for m/c). That would put us at...4:30. I can grade it quickly and we can go over any questions you might have - so plan for 5:00.

The W 5/16 is 25 questions + at least one free response. The timing on the m/c would be 40 minutes, with more time for the free response depending on which one(s) I pick. Then we can review as needed - plan for 5pm, but I can stay later if needed.

Info on the exam: Bring three writing utensils - one blue, one black, one pencil. You can't use pencil on the free response, but you can use two different shades (black/blue, no other colors) to show your shifts, etc on graphs. Absolutely NO calculator is allowed - don't even bring one out at all. :(


rageena said...

Just blue or black but no pencil? Or is the pencil only permitted on the multiple choice?

KM said...

Pencil only on m/c. They don't want smudgies to be an issue on the FRQ.

I had pushed a few years ago to let you use those cool pens that have 4 colors in them - nope. Black or blue only. It stinks.

rageena said...

AP Exams are nuts. Seriously... do they sit around all day and just think of the most insignificant things to regulate? Hmm. Sounds familiar.

KM said...


Yeah, sometimes it seems really lame. No control, i just tell the rules. :)