Friday, April 13, 2007

Blog Postings

Wojtek asked for a list of blog posting requirements (the dates). Because we "negotiated" during the Spring Break and when your paper was due, you have the following dates to post an analysis on your own blog:

4/16 (this coming Monday)
5/7 (the last before the national exam)
6/4 (yes, even that last week of classes)

You have two comments due weekly, even on weeks that the analysis blog is due. :)

Since I'm pretty sure most of you won't check this until afterwards: how was the test?

The test average before I have had time to go through and see which questions may not be valid is 26/50 (52%). Icky. The high score(s) were a 68%, the lowest that I see is an 18%. I'm sure those will change as I go through the test.

Remember that first test, when I told you I was ecstatic with a C average, and you didn't believe me? Yeah...

Remember I told you it wasn't enough to know the information, you needed to be able to analyze and apply it? Yeah...

#1-25 on the test were from old AP exams.

Hmm...I haven't posted much here'll actually have to go look at your peers' posts to get your posts in by Monday! :) :)

Have a nice weekend -


rageena said...

The high score was an 'F'?

Wow. I know that scoring according to the AP Exam is different though - how would our class average be there?

rusch said...

okay i'm sure we'll go over the test in class, especially with those scores. but i have a question about one of the questions on the game theory. on the question with the matrix, when it asked what the numbers would be if the players 'collude'- what does that mean? during the test since i wasn't exactly sure i just thought of the closest word i could think of, collide and so i figured in context it basically meant that the players agree..but there were two possible agreements, both high or both low (if i am remembering the question correctly) so i don't understand how you go about figuring that one out.. help? please?

KM said...

The highest score was a D+. 68% (34 out of 50). No idea how the class would be according to AP exams - the first 25 questions were old AP questions, and they were not done fabulously by the class.

Collusion is when people have a non-formal, non-binding agreement to agree. Like when you all said that you'd bid one cent on the million dollars - but there was really no incentive to do so (non-binding since they were sealed bids).

Yeah, they were icky. 'Nuff said.

Dan said...

Wow, we all did great. :( So were the other 25 questions from stuff you made up? I think I did better on the first 25, but ahh, I hope the exam is easier.

KM said...

The other 25 were from other sources - mostly test prep, college-level ancillaries, online quizzes, etc.

Sorry. Not just out of my twisted brain. :)