Saturday, March 01, 2008


I have no clue why copying the URL that Phil left (which is identical to the one I had in there, really...) made it work. But I'm glad it is. I forgot to bring home the grading sheet for the blogs, so Phil & those who commented there - I'll update your grades on Monday. :) Thanks for the link, no clue what happened before. Crazy computers.

If you haven't already, look one post down to view the prez on economic policy. I'm curious at your analysis.

Okay - animated gif files on CS & PS:

Reminder: If you choose to turn in a rough draft for your paper for 3rd quarter project grade, it needs to be in by Friday. This isn't a requirement, but could be considered extra credit, because I might be able to steer you in the direction you need to go. It will be graded as a college term paper - something you will all get to know very well in the next year. :) If you forgot what it needs to be, check your syllabus. If you've lost the syllabus, check Edline. If you hate Edline...well, then you're kinda out of luck.

Also - we are on track to test for unit 2 on Wednesday. That means that retests for unit 1 need to be finished by Tuesday. You can retest as many times as you want, I'll take the highest score. The unit 2 test is similar to unit 1 - 50 m/c questions, with about the first 20 or so straight from old released AP exams. Chapters 4-7 in Mankiw.

Go take a look at some of your peers' blogs - there's some great discussions going on!

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JOSH said...

I like these files. they go slow, which usually is compatible with my thinking speed so they work out nice. this is what we talked about in class and this was kind of a review on it. i am pretty set now with the ideas of consumer and producer surplus. consumer surplus is when the consumer buys for less than he/she would have paid for it. producer surplus is when the producer sells the product for more than he/she would have willing sold it for.