Sunday, March 09, 2008

Back from the dead...

Hey guys -

I will be back at work tomorrow, but I am on kind of a "limited mobility" type of thing - too much walking & talking leads me to cough my bloody head off. Not pretty. Unfortunately, my illness has affected you guys the most. My schedule is shot.

I know some of you have turned in a rough draft of your paper, and a few of you emailed it to me. I am not able to stay up more than 6 hours right now without feeling like a truck has run me over (yeah, that will make it EXTRA fun freshmen with a sub for a week, and me already exhausted by the time I get to them...can't wait!). Tomorrow morning, I'll double check when my quarter grades are due, and will probably kick the paper's due date back until about a week before grades are due. That will hopefully give me time to read through the rough drafts, time for you to re-write as needed, and then time for me to re-read them.

It also kind of kicks unit 3 around a little. I will be restructuring tomorrow morning as much as I can - it might be Tuesday before I can say for sure how this will be affecting us overall. We will have to move a little faster, which might hurt some of you.

I can say - the faster you learn the terms for this unit on costs, the easier this unit will be, and the faster it will come to you. That's been true no matter what. :)

See you tomorrow -



frenchie said...

Mrs. McDaniel! I'm pretty lost right now. Not only have you been gone, but the few days before you were sick, I was absent from class. I've been in need of help. I feel like I didn't know a lot of what was on the chapter exam.
That would be AMAZING if you pushed back the due date of the paper. I'd have somewhat of a chance to get caught up.
Anyway, I hope you're feeling better!! =)

Brent said...

So I just did my comments and blog that were already due for the weekend. If they don't count that's understandable. I don't have an excuse as to why they weren't done, just a crazy weekend. Anyways, I'd better go lie down before the Vikadine knocks me out. I hope class is going well and that you are feeling much better! See you on Monday!