Saturday, October 21, 2006

A New School Year...New AP Students!


If you made it here, it means that you got the letter informing you of the book you need to read before coming to class in January. Believe it or not, this is not meant to torture you - it's meant to give us more time on the much more difficult material we need to cover before the exam in May. Lots of people from last year said that they would have LOVED the chance to read a book in order to have more time to concentrate on the hard stuff.

Okay, maybe they wouldn't have loved it. But they said they would have appreciated the increase in time.

This blog is set up for my AP Econ students to chat and respond to problem sets that I post. You can also respond to each other. I am considering setting it up so you all have posting privileges - I think it might make it easier to repond to everyone else. Then again...well, I'm just not sure. We'll see how things go.

The links over on the side might be helpful as we go through the semester, and your posts here will be part of your grade in class.

As for the book - I have added some links to info on the book. As of today, I still have at least 7 books available for checkout. You may keep them until January, just be careful with them, and you can't write in them. The book is "Naked Economics" by Charles Wheelan, and you can skip the two chapters on macro stuff (off the top of my head, I'm not sure which ones these are, check the letter). :)

I'll post the study guide and maybe even some problem questions within a few weeks. You may also, as you go through the book this semester, borrow my copy for a day (and night) and see what I have highlighted as important and any notes I've put in there - that might help you.

The most important part is getting the information, not my "tricking" you into reading parts of the book that aren't necessarily important. We will discuss/quiz the first days of class in January - but you do need to have the reading done before then. It would be virtually impossible to read it the first day of classes.

Enjoy! It's actually a very well-written lay book that is pretty easy to read...especially for an econ book. :)

Feel free to post comments - questions - concerns. Come on by if you have questions, or email me through the school email (I'd post it here, but I hate spam...darn web crawlers...)



jacnbox said...

Oh my!!! I was wondering if you were still going to blog for econ!!!

Haha. This was a hard class, but ridiculously fun!

Have a good AP Econ guys,

Jacqui Lowisz

KM said...

"Hard, but ridiculously fun"...well, I can safely say, I haven't gotten that response yet! :)