Friday, August 18, 2006

August already!

Well, you will all be heading off very soon - if you haven't already. I need to update this for this year's students, so old posts will be deleted/privatized very soon.

Thanks for a great semester - good luck!

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NicolleM said...

So, here's the deal. I sucked on the test, okay. Not even gonna lie...I got a one. It's all good, you know why? Because I'm in Econ 201, which is the EXACT same semester I did with. I'm not proud of my one, but I am so ahead already, it's exciting. I bombed the test, but at the same time learned so much about Econ, and I can tell that I have retained a lot of it, as I sat through my first econ class today. I'm sorry for bringing down the average, but Thank you for getting me an A in college :D [was that slightly arrogent of me?]