Thursday, April 20, 2006

Monopoly/Monopolistic Competition

Some info for you! Okay - we're down to less than 4 weeks to the exam. The plan is to test next Thursday on Unit 3, since Wed is out with senior interviews and the blood drive. I'm going to use this time to post A LOT of sites that might help you study for the exam. My hope is that I understand this site enough that I can post them permanently over on the side margin so they don't disappear in the posts. **Edit**: If you scroll all the way to the bottom, there is a sidebar that for some reason isn't posting on the side - I added a bunch of links in there. :)

HOLY COW! I just double checked, and I have ONE LESS WEEK than I thought! We don't have four weeks - we have LESS THAN THREE WEEKS! OH MY GOODNESS!

{Take a deep breath}


I thought things looked off on my planning book.



This means FOCUSED INTENSITY is the name of the game. I know you have other classes, I know you have other AP exams. Luckily, our exam isn't until the second week of national exams.

I will post answers to the study guide on a steady basis (I'll set up a calendar for practice). I have the big holy answer book, but your ultra-intelligent teacher did not order a book for herself with the questions, so I won't be able to answer any specific questions until I can see the book. Sorry. :( I have little hand outs with the answers, too - I'll get those out to you later.

Here are some new links:

Price Discrimination: We didn't have time to go into this in detail. Your book also has some information that might be helpful:

A review on efficiency:

Monopolistic Competition: Make sure to scroll down on the page. :)

And some more on Mon. Comp (just realize that you can't call it "competitive competition" on the national exam):


Okay - and some questions for you:

Actually, go back to the last post - there's still quite a few left that you guys haven't answered. :)



helen said...

is it ok if I panic now?

KM said...

No panicking - I'm covering that. :)

emkatbuto said...

Question, are you going to post the 'review' answers on the blog or did you decide to hand us the answers...?

schmid said...

Wow. That is all the time we have left. Time is going too fast. I will be happy when the first two weeks in may come to an end! :)

KM said...

Hey Emily -

I'm going to post them on here over the next week or so. I'm open to other suggestions if you prefer the other.


cherie said...

Wow it seems like time keeps flying and before we know it the school year will be over and we will be done with high scholl. Exciting yet scary.

jacnbox said...

im panicing. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

senior year is supposed to be easy. whats up with this?

jacnbox said...

secondly, can we start an after-school group/saturdays. its easier for me, anyway, if i see how the test book applies the information to the questions. id like to understand how to answer them better.

cranjos said...

this is kind of a weird situation, because although im not taking the test, i really dont like having to rush and cram econ into my brain. i agree with sarah, as soon as the first two weeks of may have come and gone, life will be a bit easier

bjjames said...


emkatbuto said...

I Agree with jac, what happened to the easy senior year, this has been maga with homework!! two more months!!!

KM said...

The mega-homework is almost over. I promise! (Well, at least for this class...I can't speak of your other classes...)

Give me two more weeks! Just TWO MORE WEEKS!!


DrFeelGood said...

i dont like that its the same questions on the blog :( i want new stuff and i want stuff that isnt so by-the-book and more open to interpretation. i dont like answering questions that would be basically repeating or agreeing with other people. im spent.

Reid said...

So I went to get gas today and looking at the gas prices I thought about economics. Yes, nerd, but whatever. I was thinking that the way the gas is increasing for an unknown reason to myself, is that some price gauging was going on. I wasn't sure but I just assumed. Then I thought to myself, hey, how can one oligopoly price gauge unless they all do, so some sort of collusion must be taking place. This all came to my mind as I was staring at the price of my gas purchase going up. So if a collusion between the oligopolies was occuring it brought me some comfort seeing that everyone is greedy and the agreement met by the gas companies would eventually fall by one of those companies lowering the price and earning more profit, forcing the others to do the same. So thanks economics for making my wallet feel better knowing that relief is in sight.

Reid said...

Helpful Hints:

Chill out
review the notes, everyday, just to refresh
ask for help, km is there to help, so is the class.
don't give up now, it makes passing the test so much more rewarding.
The fun will begin in two weeks.

These are more for my sanity, but if they help you guys great.

helen said...

I'm not giving up yet; a mild sense of panic sharpens the mind quite usefully

NicolleM said...

Eight days! WHOOHOO!
I'm having fun...anyone else?

forsnic said...

yeah i don't think the real panic has set in yet. only three days til calc exam and im only feeling a slight panic because i haven't studied much at all. econ seems SO far away comparatively. but after calc is over it will be major econ cramming.

forsnic said...

isn't it true that gas stations can't raise more than 10 cents a day or something? so what is with the sudden increase, the worlds not coming to an end!!! least not that i know of, i missed the news lately
anywho. i agree with reid about how prices are bound to go down EVENTUALLY but for now i'm glad because my dad is paying for gas in the truck. score!

KM said...

They can raise more than 10 cents in a day - they just can't raise more than once in a 24 hour period. That's one of the reasons that they jumped so high after 9/11 - gas stations didn't want to be left behind (so to speak) if their prices really went high. Same thing with Katrina - we went to lunch that day and going through Fort the gas was at about 2.70, coming back 45 minutes later it had jumped over 30 cents.

I know I've been bad about posting new stuff. I'll get more in tomorrow. Slap my fingers, etc etc. No excuses - and it's hard to find open ended questions for you guys, Nate! :)

Take a look at your notes -