Sunday, April 30, 2006

I know, I know...

I've been terrible posting new problems for you. I have excuses - but they're not good enough. I'll get more on here tomorrow to challenge your brain. I've already promised - two weeks (less than that!) and we'll kick back and relax a little bit.

All right - something to think about. Go to this link (open it in another browser):

These are the three short answer questions from last years' exam. Skip the first one - that deals with externalities, which we will get to this week. See what you can do with the second and third ones, though. You have the info to work with those.

In fact, #2 can be answered completely here. Any takers?


emkatbuto said...

Eleven more days tomarrow, anyone else as excited as I? Ha! I hope the rest of the things that we learn over the next week is as easy as our homework for tomarrow. I also must question what you intended that we post on here this week...?

jacnbox said...

alrighty. here goes. i looked at my test, got discouraged with the number of red letters on the side and wanted to cry... why? because this test is in a week and a half, and im terrified i wont pass it.

can i come in after school for help?

jacnbox said...

a)i. p2
ii. q2


c)i. k,g,p2
ii. k,II,pw

d)i. p2,g,p1
ii. pw,j,p1

e) j,g,q1

i dont think i did the surpluses right. i have part of the dwl in there, but i did it without my notes, so there.

ok, sleep.

cherie said...

With eleven days left and seeing my grade from the test I'm worried that I will not do well on the test.

cherie said...

When do we have to retake the unit 3 test by? I use the elimination process and most of the questions I got wrong the correct answer was my other choice.

KM said...

The essay question I mentioned can be answered here - there's no drawing.

Jacqui - you got some right, some wrong. Can anyone correct it? First, figure out what was right - I'd say about 1/2 is correct. (Yeah, you got the surpluses mixed up a little bit)

And anyone can come in after school anytime. Well, not today - we have a staff meeting, but I could meet until 3:30.

cranjos said...

even though im not taking the test, i really cannot wait til this madness is starting to like game theory, but all of this testing and cramming is causing some stress

cranjos said...

i noticed on our most recent grade scan that i was missing a score for that ap practice test...i didnt do mine because i figured since im not taking the test, i didnt need to practice answering an ap question in a given amount of time...i plan on finishing it and handing it in if you'd still want it for a grade, but im not sure what you want me to do...i'll ask in class

gorman said...

3. Atc=demand where mr=mc

b)output will remain the same in teh short run

c)profits will rise in the short run because atc willl be less than the demand curve meaning profits

gorman said...

i cant believe how much of the book we have gone through already...usually it takes like a year to go through a textbook but we are just cruising through the textbook

forsnic said...

hey tyler, think positive, at least we don't have any extra pages in there that we haven't studied and have to lug a huge book around!!!

forsnic said...

km, so do we have to do those free response questions by a certain date?? or are they optional?? just wondering, it affects my "cramming for calc" timeline tonite (CFC, yes that is chloroflourocarbon ;wow im such a nerd)

KM said...

Optional on the questions - just more to help you practice. You'll get to know what's up for the exam.