Monday, March 27, 2006


Hey guys -

Here is the link to the ppt that Mr. Newy is going to go over with you in class. It's in html format, so everyone should be able to access it.

And no, I didn't write it. :)

Second - check out Sarah's question on sales in the last post. Interesting.

Third - some more links for your economics enjoyment -

Profit Maximization MR/MC stuff:

And part II to that:
This will become more important as we get into the other three types of markets. for basic cost information. There are teacher instructions in the bottom frame that explain what's going on. More costs stuff Costs & Shutdown rule explicit vs implicit costs short run vs long run Long run ATC Types of competition Spectrum of competition

There are a lot more, this guy has tons of info. But...I think that's enough to start with. :)

Note: He does separate oligopoly & cartel, which are together in your book.


NicolleM said...

That guy must be lonely ;)

NicolleM said...

Oh, and Newy never showed us the powerpoint. I think we got through the first few farmer ones, but that's all. Just so you know.

forsnic said...

and the guy must have NO life whatsoever. it takes a while to make all of those. i know. i looked at some of them and they really help explain a bunch of details better. more of a big picture type thing. i did like the farmer jokes tho. lol

Reffonomics said...

Hi, Nicollem and Forsnic!

I have to tell you, I got a deep-hearted laugh out of your comments that you posted on this site.

I am the guy who wrote the lessons that you are posting on your site. Just so you know, I am far from a lonely guy (happily married for many, many years) and I definitely have a life--assistant director of Mt. Lemmon Ski School in Tucson, hockey player for the past 47 years, and golf coach for 17 years. But, again, I have to tell you, I am still laughing over your comments. Thanks for the smiles. This is a good thing.

I just figured a lot of teachers and students "needed" to learn economics the easy way, unlike me who had to learn it the hard way back in the 70's. Hope my work is helping you in your class. It's nice to know that students in Wisconsin are using my material. Best of luck in your AP Economics endeavors!

Steven Reff, Economics Educator
Tucson, Arizona

helen said...

I was really thrown by #6 on the reading; can anyone explain it to me?

cranjos said...

i cannot believe that more people havent posted on here about reffonomics catching nicolle and nicki and just telling them how it not really sure how reffonomics found this site, but its pretty sweet, cause this guy is like an economic celebrity or something

Reffonomics said...


Thank you for your kind words. An economics celebrity I am not. But, thank you anyway. (The lowest grade I ever received in college was in my first economics class in 1973)

Nicollem and Frosnic were only joking, I pray. They laughed; I laughed, and that's what is most important.

Dedication and hard work doesn't necessarily mean one has to give up a lot of fun things; however, simple economics would say that to do one thing, one has to give up doing something else.

What is of most importance is this blog is a site for students to share their ideas, thoughts, and passion about econonics.

Dick Brunelle and I will share this web site with teachers around the country in our next newletter to them.

Nicollem and Forsnic, thank you for starting something special for econ geeks. Cranjos, thank you for posting you kind words.

As always, live well, laugh often, and love life to the fullest (maximizer),

Mr. Stevnen Reff

AlfredP said...

Dear Dick and Steve, thank you for the generosity of all your economic efforts. Generous people are never lonely.