Tuesday, November 06, 2007

2007-08...new students! :)

If you made it here, that means that you got the letter informing you of the need to read a book before class starts in January. This will give us more time to stay on the more difficult material in the class, rather than spending a lot of time at the beginning with unit one (which is only about 10% of the national exam material).

The blog is set up for my AP Micro students to chat and respond to problems that we might not have time for in class. You can also respond to each other.

The links over on the side might be helpful as we go through the semester. The blog will be part of your grade in the class.

I have added some links to give some info on the book. As of today, I still have many books available for chekcout. You may keep them through the national exam in May, but please don't write in them. The book is called "Naked Economics" by Charles Wheelan, and you are expected to have the book read by the time class starts, except for the two chapters on macro stuff...which I can't recall off the top of my head...

I'll post the study guide within a couple of weeks - this can help guide you through what's important to know in the book. You are also welcome to check out my book and see what I have highlighted as important, as well as any notes I've written in there. That might help you focus on important points.

The most important part is getting the information. I am not "tricking" you into reading parts of the book that aren't necessarily important. You'll have a quiz on content the first week of school. It would be virtually impossible for you to read the book the first few days of classes - it's just too much.

Enjoy! I'ts a pretty well-written layperson book that's pretty easy to read for an econ book. Don't get too used to the style...that's not how your text is. :) :)


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