Tuesday, May 22, 2007

After the Test!

Hey there!

Okay - here's the project sheet and the checkout sheet. I'm using my book to keep track of who is turning what in (tests, books, etc) - so make sure to get the stuff turned in! :)


The test…is OVER!

Here are your options for the rest of the semester. This will count as your project grade for the 4th quarter, so as I promised, you have the chance to get the grade you want in the course!

1. If you are also taking AP-Calculus, you may put together a web page(s) that would help future students in both classes. The object is to show points of comparison between the two courses, possibly some sample questions, get the info for both texts up there, compare pages, etc. Mr. Johnson and I talked about this last summer as we were looking at comparing the two courses. Since I’m not a Calc-y person and he’s not an Econ-y person, we thought it would be really cool to be able to direct students to a web page(s) that could help them in both classes. This is not a LITTLE thing – it’s a BIG thing. Think of what would have helped you as you went through both classes. Check with Mr. Johnson also – he has info and grade issues for his course. J

2. If you are interested in personal finance issues, there is a contest sponsored by ING Direct dealing with personal finance and children’s literature. http://www.adventuresinsaving.com gives all of the information, but basically you write a fictional children’s story that teaches a basic lesson about responsible money management. There is one winner per age group (you would fall into the 13-19 age group, so only one winner there), but the winner gets a $1000 savings account from ING Direct and gets their book published and illustrated. Cool, hey? You could work on it in class, turn it in as your project, and send it out to them (before June 30, 2007).

3. If you’re interested in taking a peek at the macroeconomy, you have a third option. You would research the condition of the US economy and “solve” the problems you might find. This would consist of researching information on trends in unemployment, inflation & GDP/production, then determining monetary policy (done by the Federal Reserve) or fiscal policy (done by the president & Congress) to solve the problems you find.

4. Or, a team could build the ultimate in AP Micro web pages. This would include info on the class, links, etc – anything that you would possibly have found useful as we went through the course. Topics would need to be divided by unit. I could give you a disk with all the info you’d have to link to – possibly a flash drive if I can find an open one that I’d be willing to part with (not as likely). But then – any other links you find that could be helpful would be awesome. For you overachievers – what did you find as you went searching for info that could help others in the future?

All options will include a presentation to the class to show what you’ve done and offer peer editing. Those presentations will be on June 4th & 5th.

We have the Academic Computer Lab the following days:
Th May 24th
F May 25th
T May 29th
W May 30th
Th May 31st
F June 1st


And, the checkout procedure:

After the test…
A checklist for you before I will sign exemption sheets.

1. turn in (or pay the fine for):
q Mankiw book,
q mceachern book,
q wheeler book,
q 5 steps to a 5 book.

2. Return tests to me:
q Unit 1 (ch 1-3)
q Unit 2 (ch 4-9)
q Unit 3 (ch 13-18)
q Unit 4 (ch 19-21, 10-12)
q Practice test that says “comprehensive microeconomics final 2007”
q All sheets & scoring sheets for frq practice

3. Fill out & return to the envelope the “what worked & what didn’t” sheet (you don’t need your name on the sheet – just cross your name off the list on the front of the envelope)

If you have a problem with any of those, let me know. That doesn't necessarily mean that you can't be exempt, so stop freaking out on me! :) :)


keri said...

Hey... So what about those tshirts??? I think we need to get it going with the "Shift Happens" shirts. Erica and I were discussing colors....any ideas from other people?

KM said...

I didn't know you guys were serious. :) We can talk about it and see who's interested and what they'd like.

Shift Happens is hilarious!

D Mac said...

hah. i like the shift happens. high quality humor right there.

but i had a question on the short story option for our final project. if we make a short story and we feel like we want to illustrate it, should we do it by hand or is it alright for the artistically challenged of us to use clip art?

kfbare said...

I was just thinking and i'm pretty sure I turned in my 5 steps to a 5 book without my name or anything anywhere on it. Just wondering if you had a random book that needed to be recorded for??

rageena said...

"Shift Happens" - THAT is funny. We have to get those.

For real.

keri said...

I am not taking credit for the shift happens...that was all beth. Anyway...I am right with DMAC-- can we use clip art, or coloring pages from coloring books, or magazine clippings? And we can do it with partners right?

keri said...

OOOOOOOhh.. also I was wondering...if we wrote a book are we reading the book to the class? Or can we just kind of give the class a summary?

KM said...

Yes, partners, yes, clip art is fine, yes, read to class. We'll have story time. I have blankets. No milk & cookies, though - I'll leave that to Raveen. :)

Shirts...I'm pretty sure we're out of time. Just too much going on this spring, and I didn't think you were serious. We could get them here and you could pick them up during the summer...? but who wants to wear something like that in college...?

Kate said...

ooh i am super excited to read my book to the class. i think people will enjoy it. i didn't take the pics of me around town, but it is still good. if i remember i will bring treats and it will be like a real story time!!! yay!

Dan said...

Hey, I have the website pretty much done, but I want to know where you want it. Should I see if I can get James to put it on the school server with a link from your homework page?

KM said...

Wow, Dan - that would be awesome! As long as I know the link - we're changing programs next year, so the homework page won't be used anymore. But James knows that.

If he is too busy, put it back in the shared drive and I can upload it from my computer. Thanks!

Do we get to see it in class today? Do we, do we, huh huh huh?