Monday, February 05, 2007

Monday Night -

News 3 out of Madison says we have a 2 hour delay tomorrow. More than likely, this means that 1st & 2nd hour won't meet - at least, that's what's happened in the past with late starts.

I can give 15-20 minutes in class to finalize info on your Food Court stuff. After that, we can have it due later in the week, but I can't give any more time. We need to get started on S & D, especially after losing today.

Super Bowl - interesting ideas on the commercials! I liked the slapping one, myself.

What about players? Why do football players (or any professional sports person, for that matter) get paid so much? and no, it has very little to do with supply & demand.

Hope y'all stayed warm - at least our car started. The truck decided it would rather be elsewhere and stayed in non-starting dream land. :)


Wojtek said...

More about the Super Bowl commercials :)

This link will take you to a site with those mentioned ads and its reviews. ENJOY AGAIN.

BTW: do you no anyone who DIDN'T watch the game?

Wojtek said...


Ashley said...

Super Bowl players are paid an insane about of money because they are scarce. Their human capital is much greater, in terms of football, than the majority of the population. Not everyone can throw the ball like Brett Farve...hence why he is paid so much. Go Packers!

D Mac said...

you said that it has very little to do with supply and demand, and i agree, but only to an extent.

isn't it just a different kind of supply and demand? each team wants the best players they can get, and is willing to pay a hefty price for anyone who they believe is better than at least the majority of others. so if you look at it that way, every team demands the best player, but because there is a very limited supply of 'best players' they are willing to pay extraordinary amounts of money to have the edge for the season. right?