Sunday, February 12, 2006

The World of AP Econ

The World of AP Econ

Retesting --

In case you didn't catch this before, you can retest as many times as you want (as many tests as there are) before the next exam. They are all multiple choice, different questions, fewer questions. I will take the higher test grade regardless of how many times you take the retests.

Crandall - sorry, but the test is within your lifetime. In fact, very close! Mwahahahahaaa!

Tomorrow - Supply. I swear. We're going to get to it tomorrow.

And I *will* figure out how to post your comments right on the main page.

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NicolleM said...

So, I took those retests were there, and the first two on the second test just drew a blank. I had no idea about the government whatever in the marketplace. Could you explain it...or maybe I just missed it?